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Global Processing Services was created by frustrated program managers who longed for customization without long development queues at their processor. After the platform greased its wheels servicing its own program management company Flex-e-Vouchers, in 2010 the company began offering its processing services to others. In five years the company, with offices in London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Spain and India, has made a name for itself—earning Paybefore Awards as One to Watch and Breakout Company of the Year.

With 112 employees, GPS processes credit, debit and prepaid, achieving double-digit transaction growth year-over-year. And, it’s winning business in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, while also catching the eye of program managers and issuers in the U.S. looking for more control of their domestic programs and international expansion.

“Everything from platform functionality to the pricing  structure has been developed to solve the problems we faced running one of the largest and most successful program managers in Europe,” says Neil Weeks, chief commercial officer.

By using an open architecture and the cloud, GPS’ core application supports seamless integration with other GPS modules and third-party systems, giving clients real-time access to a range of channels and interfaces. This approach also facilitates rapid deployment of technology and updates, while maintaining PCI DSS level-1 security standards, according to GPS.

“We recognize that prepaid programs focusing on different sectors or demographic groups or operating with multiple partners have different needs,” says Tony Kerr CEO “The flexibility to meet these needs is delivered via a hierarchy that provides multilevel, parameter-based configuration and control over all elements of the program, including load sources; spend transaction types; value, velocity and volume limits; fees; transaction padding by MCC code and for FX; and selective authorization, which enables card behavior to vary in different environments, such as in each postal code,” he continues.

At the core of the GPS transaction processing platform is what the company describes as an industry-leading, flexible and robust payment-processing application. “Within the primary datacenter, key servers operate with hot backups, making it highly resilient,” adds Tony Kerr CEO. GPS also operates a second disaster recovery datacenter. Both datacenters run simultaneously, so if one datacenter goes down, the other automatically takes over.

Since 2012 the platform has achieved 100 percent uptime for Web services and authorizations. And GPS continues to add capabilities. “To ensure our clients stay competitive in the marketplace, platform development and products must stay current,” says Neil Weeks, chief commercial officer. As a result, GPS is in the process of gaining MasterCard credit certification and adding host card emulation, 3D Secure, Visa Fastpay and enhanced multicurrency capabilities.

The key distinguishing features of the GPS platform is the configurability and flexibility that is available to the program manager.. The platform delivers the flexibility needed to quickly and simply build or modify programs and products to meet business demands. Neill Weeks added: The feedback we receive from program mangers that receive a demo of the platform is always very positive, it’s defiantly recognized that the founders of GPS have developed the technology to assist their clients as much as possible.


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  • Published 3 March 2015