The PayFEX prepaid Mastercard programme launched by AFEX delivers a full end-to-end payment programme for corporates, providing an all-in-one payroll, expenditure and incentives solution that allows multiple cards to be managed from a single platform. The flexible and convenient programme is designed to appeal to a wide range of companies across Europe, including those in the shipping, haulage, construction, travel management, business aviation, legal and oil and gas industries who will benefit from a combined solution for managing employee payments. Corporates can modify expenditure limits, add or withdraw funds and produce comprehensive reports with an easy-to-use online portal.  Issued in three single currencies, EUR, USD and GBP, PayFEX is available as a physical or virtual card. - AFEX

Virtual cards and wallets have been available for some time but it’s the features and control of the GPS solution that makes ours a catalyst for innovation. Learn more about the technology behind our virtual cards and wallets

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  • Imagine combining credit and debits cards onto one single payment card, which is accepted everywhere Mastercard works.