One vision

Our international team of payments and technology experts combine their deep payments knowledge and expertise with leading-edge technology to deliver benefits to our schemes, partners and clients. Together, we continue to explore and expand the parameters that define payments and technology, consistently advancing the position of Global Processing Services (GPS) as The PayTech Pioneer.

At the core of our ethos is the understanding of our client. A visionary Programme Manager founded GPS and we remain committed to delivering the same level of payment excellence that our founders expected of their processors.

This approach has remained steadfast from our origins in prepaid cards to our current position as the enabler of leading fintech players who are disrupting financial services globally.  

A distinctive past

GPS was founded when the owners of Flex-E-Vouchers (FEV), a pioneering gift-card prepaid programme that now dominates shopping centres globally, aimed to solve a problem felt throughout the prepaid industry - widespread frustration with the lack of innovation and stability of existing processors.

The GPS Apex platform was created and built to strict industry standards, achieving critical industry acclaim and accreditation over the next two years.

In 2009, the entire FEV portfolio was successfully migrated to GPS Apex, providing relief from legacy technology and creating new possibilities for the FEV business. By 2010, GPS Apex was available to third party programme managers throughout Europe.

  • GPS Apex was built in-house and developed to meet the requirements of Programme Owners and Managers
  • Over the last 17 years, GPS Apex has become the global platform used by established banks and leading fintech disruptors
  • We remain driven by our philosophy to push the boundaries of discovery and exploration in payments

A disruptive present

Today, GPS is the trusted processing partner of many of today’s most influential and impactful companies in the payments industry. Our flexible and configurable platform is the backbone of a multitude of distinctive and award-winning programmes.

Our people and platform are our greatest assets, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their programmes are enabled by one of the most innovative and reliable global payment platforms.

In 2016 alone, we almost doubled our number of clients and won multiple awards for our contribution to the payments industry. The continued development of our platform has enabled Programme Managers to offer previously unavailable banking services to their customers. We are proud that our platform is at the heart of many of the most celebrated and visionary payment innovations in the industry.

  • Partner to some of the most influential and impactful companies in payments today
  • Enables Programme Managers to offer customers innovative and convenient payment services
  • A single, integrated platform for simplicity and reliability

A pioneering future

The pace of change in the payments industry is unprecedented. We will continue to follow our distinctive path in payments, evolving our platform and harnessing the talent of our global team of experts to successfully bring the programmes of the future to market.

  • 100+ client relationships
  • 35+ issuer programmes
  • 40+ card bureaus