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Suresh Vaghjiani, Fintech Finance Episode Invisible Banking

Fintech Finance Season 3 Episode 09: Invisible Banking
In this episode, Fintech Finance look at how the latest wave of new banks have been causing an upheaval to the industry, by looking at what we are referring to as “Invisible Banking.” For this, and to tie into Money 20/20, they speak with Suresh Vaghjiani from GPS, to hear about how they are looking to deliver this, as well as what the future holds from the challenger banks and what to expect from them. They also catch up with Anne Boden from Starling about their focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience, and the use of open banking and APIs; and with Virraj Jatania from Pockit about how the use of pre-paid technology has allowed them to come to market rapidly. Lastly, Tom Blomfield from Monzo speaks to Fintech Finance about some of the exciting work that Monzo are working on for the future and the role that technology play in...

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