What does your organisation offer?

allpay cards offer the full end-to-end physical card solution, from initial card design all the way through to cardholder delivery. We manage the whole manufacture and bureau process at our UK Mastercard and Visa accredited, PCI compliant site. This gives us full control and flexibility. We have onsite expertise in design, manufacture, EMV technical, logistics along with a dedicated account management team to ensure a smooth launch and ongoing service. Our experience in supporting some of the biggest names in the industry, along with strong processing and issuing partnership, makes us the card partner of choice.

What do you think are the main challenges the industry is facing today?

Standing out from card competitors by offering a unique card design. In some cases, the only physical/tangible aspect of the banks is the physical card and packaging the card arrives in. Therefore, these elements need to not only be high quality, but also unique to showcase the brand, giving a lasting impression that people talk about.

How does your organisation help to address these?

Unlike our competitors we have the full end to end design and manufacture process onsite. We offer our clients design days which allow them to work with our on-site experts to achieve standout designs which reflects their brand.

What do you see the future trends in your sector being in the next 5 years?

Biometric cards! We believe biometric cards adoption will become more widespread in the coming years and become a staple payment card feature as contactless functionality did. Biometric cards enable another form of authentication whilst using a contactless transaction. This allows the user to pay for transactions over the contactless limit in a more efficient and secure manner.

What areas do you see evolving that will have a major impact on your sector?

Continued innovation within the industry, such as contactless, real time features, dynamic CVV’s, crypto currencies and biometric cards. All the innovations we have seen launch over the last few years allow for seamless and improved instant gratification for the end user.

Why did you decide to work with GPS?

“GPS have always been accommodating to our mutual clients’ requirements, we find them to be innovative and pioneers within the industry. They always go the extra mile and we really enjoy working with them.”

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