"Curve combines a person’s credit and debit cards into one single payment card which is accepted everywhere Mastercard works, with Chip and Pin, Magstripe and Contactless technology. By uniting existing cards in a single place, users access low foreign exchange rates with no fees, see and label transactions from all accounts in one screen in real-time and stay secure with the ability to instantly lock and unlock their Curve card with the click of a button in-app. Curve puts users back at the centre of their financial world, without changing their behaviour or bank. Built on the Mastercard network, Curve’s design and technology offers bank level fraud protection."

The GPS External Host Interface (EHI) is a ground-breaking technology that gives Issuing Banks and Programme Managers direct access to real-time transaction data that enables innovation that can truly differentiate their programme and user experience. Learn more about the technology behind our EHI

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  • Kerv is the world's first contactless payment ring, allowing contactless payment, transport, data sharing and access control.