Payment specialist, Tuxedo Money Solutions offers expertise in developing and deploying smarter ways to manage money. Since 2006, Tuxedo has managed over $1 billion of payments through its Mastercard and Visa solutions for 400 global partners in sectors including travel, retail and financial services.

Specialising in providing both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for clients, Tuxedo moves funds globally via its own Level 1 PCI DSS compliant eccount® platform and utilises innovative technology to make payments easier, and provides safe and secure ways to spend and withdraw money. Tuxedo is able to offer clients a fully flexible and scalable approach to the development and growth of programs and relationships globally.


STA Travel CashFLEX Visa Card

Tuxedo Money Solutions launched its STA Travel CashFLEX cashcard into Australia in April 2014, before launching the STA Travel CashFLEX ISIC cashcard for students in January 2016.

The STA ISIC Cashcard is a student only card combining the benefits of a prepaid travel card with a student ID, loyalty and discount card – an international ID, loyalty and travel card all in one.

The creation of an affinity ID and travel cashcard for the STA brand fosters customer loyalty and reinforces the company’s image as an organisation students can trust. Together with the launch of in-store loading, it facilitates an easier customer journey where cards can be purchased and loaded in one.

The 2-in-1 element of the CashFLEX ISIC Cashcard provides a feature-rich product for STA agents to sell. This makes for an easier and more efficient sales process as the agent can offer two vital products, a cashcard and student ID, in one simple transaction. Tuxedo uses its central solution, the eccount® platform to manage the programme.

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