GPS ApexTM - the first choice for Programme Managers

Since writing the first line of code for our platform in 1999, every one of our decisions and developments has been made with Programme Managers in mind. No compromise. This approach ensures the GPS ApexTM platform retains its integrity and peerless performance. 

GPS ApexTM enables us to enhance the performance of our clients by creating a truly global product offering and, if required, with multiple issuers via a single interface. It is a single, global multi-currency platform designed and built by our payments engineers from scratch over the past ten years. This means GPS ApexTM works seamlessly, unlike other platforms that may be fragmented hybrids of legacy technologies.

GPS has invested heavily in certification and the development of robust and versatile platform processing capabilities to ensure we remain the industry leader.

Performance and scalability

The core GPS ApexTM is a powerful and scalable payments processing platform that has been certified by Mastercard and Visa, and for single/dual message format to facilitate swift issuer integrations in all regions. It supports Chip and PIN (EMV), magstripe, virtual and contactless card processing across prepaid, debit and credit rails. 

In October 2016, a new primary data centre was built by our internal team to provide fully scalable infrastructure that is easy to maintain and support.

GPS offers best-in-class API speed including 200msec completion time for creating a virtual card.

Security and peace of mind

GPS ApexTM security features include:

    • PCI DSS V3.2 Level 1 compliant
    • Advanced intrusion detection through Tripwire and other industry leading tools
    • All access to production systems via secure VPN with dual factor authentication
    • Best in class system monitoring through AppDynamics
    • Full tokenisation service for all sensitive data so Programme Managers and Issuers do not need to hold card numbers
    • Advanced fraud monitoring solution (GPS Protect) which spots patterns of suspicious card activity and alerts or takes action on your behalf

Creativity and control

GPS ApexTM enables Programme Managers to achieve extraordinary levels of creativity, flexibility and control. This is made possible by a highly configurable setup including a market-leading suite of more than 90 open APIs that combine to offer truly exceptional customisation and Programme Manager control.

GPS ApexTM also offers more sophisticated payment options including third party authorisation via our External Host Interface (EHI) product, Multi-FX, virtual cards, wallet solutions, Agency Banking and more.

GPS Apex highlights

    • Certified by Mastercard and Visa as third party Issuer processor (Europe, US, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific)
    • Ability to support external authorisation
    • Supports ALL currencies
    • Fully tokenised, enabling Programme Managers and Issuers to not require PAN
    • Proven interface capabilities with 40 global card manufacturers
    • PCI DSS v3.2 level 1 compliant across each of our data centres
    • New primary data centre built by internal team in Oct 2016 to provide fully scalable infrastructure that is easy to maintain

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