Who uses GPS for payments innovation?

Our unique combination of payment processing functionality, technology and expertise enables GPS to provide leading products and services to many of the fastest growing fintech companies in the payments space.

The award-winning GPS ApexTM platform is central to the delivery of some of the most demanding programmes in the industry and our team of experts throughout the business is dedicated to ensuring optimum performance for every programme we enable.

Our distinctive capabilities are demonstrated through our diverse client base totalling 100+ relationships with large established players, well-funded fintech innovators, cutting edge start-ups and 35 issuers. We offer:

  • Single global processing platform for next generation Programme Managers
  • Easy scalability to suit a wide range of clients
  • Simple integration to enable client programmes to go live quickly
  • Secure, rapid connectivity to Mastercard and Visa

Unique understanding of Programme Managers

Programme Managers require a processing partner to create mainstream and alternative financial solutions in digital banking, alternative lending, app-based FX, wearables, wallet solutions and proxy cards.

We are ideally positioned to support Programme Managers due to our unique understanding of what is involved in the set-up of a card programme and the importance of delivering a complete end-to-end solution.

The GPS Apex platform was built by visionary Programme Managers that understand the importance of its continual development to high standards. We continue to make enhancements that benefit all Programme Managers, offering the same rich set of processing capabilities, products and connectivity while tailoring the programme to our clients' individual requirements. 

Multiple programme types are powered from a single integration along with a number of value-added services such as Agency Banking and MDES which historically would need to be built separately into their own systems by Programme Managers .

Technical integration with card bureaus and third party providers is built-in for ancillary functionality while giving Programme Managers a direct contractual relationship for greater control of service and commercials.

Supporting emerging Programme Owners

Lower costs of card scheme membership and easier access to e-money licenses has increased interest in owning a larger proportion of the card programme value chain in the pursuit of increased control and lower on-going cost.

For those vying to develop the most cutting-edge, disruptive fintech products, GPS offers a full suite of solutions through its core processing platform that Programme Owners would historically have looked to outsource. In addition, GPS provides knowledge and support to help Programme Owners minimise the number of integrations and centralise their partnership network. 

GPS is integrated with 35 Issuing Banks and scheme members. It is the recommended processing partner for many of the most important BIN sponsors. This recommendation is based on a foundation of trust built upon years of service reliability and responsiveness to requirements and challenges. We are not limited to the issuers we serve as we can swiftly integrate with any issuer in any region. 

Choosing GPS as your transaction processor means you are in good company and well connected within the payments ecosystem.