Dedicated customer support 

To complete the path of a successful programme, Global Processing Services (GPS) offers an outstanding customer services team and an additional suite of integrated tools and services to help Programme Managers communicate and engage with their customers.

24/7 support team and contact centres

The world of payments never stops. GPS processes transactions from around the globe and runs its operations 24/7, 365 a year to ensure that we support our programmes with the highest quality service.

We offer this customer services support function through our own multi-lingual 24/7 contact centres. With dedicated payments experience and a fully white-labelled service, our team can launch a programme quickly and scale the customer services function as it develops. Options available range from simple 24/7 lost and stolen manned service to fully functioning customer service with a team dedicated to payments programme management.

PEPs and sanctions screening

GPS provides a range of screen services via Web API covering standard international sanctions, senior political figures, politically exposed people, as well as watchlists covering key categories of Financial Crime, Terror, Organised Crime, Trafficking and corruption.

PEPS and Sanction screening is provided as both a real-time service for cardholder sign-up, and as an overnight batch process for scheduled screening. There are configuration options regarding which lists to check (OFAC, HMT or both), and what matching logic to be applied. Matches are provided on a screen to both Programme Managers and Issuing Banks for verification, further analysis can be provided, and confirmed false positives are remembered.

Whilst PEPs and Sanctions functionality can be sourced from other suppliers, it is usually requested from GPS , as we can simply reduce the number of third parties and the Issuer preference to have oversight of the process.


GPS Apex platform is integrated with multiple brokers of KYC services, to ensure the highest levels of data matching across different target audiences.

GPS provides the API integration whilst giving the Programme Manager the ability to manage the contractual relationship to get the best for your needs.

Where a satisfactory eKYC response is not achieved, GPS also supports electronic submission of documents for manual verification, allowing programmes to fulfil their KYC goals quickly and with the maximum success rate.


For customers who prefer to use their phone, IVR offers a simple means of delivering services such as card activation, retrieving account information and account balance. IVR is frequently used as a cost efficient means of validating that the card is in the cardholder’s hands and providing the PIN. Programme Managers can select from a standard script, which has been built in 18 languages, or bespoke script.


GPS Apex offers an integrated SMS service to provide either real-time or scheduled notifications to customers, such as providing card PIN number, or account balance. SMS provides an effective customer communication channel due its immediacy and accessibility where a programme does not offer a mobile app, or the customer is unable to access for reasons such as poor data coverage.

Loyalty and cashback

In a competitive payments landscape, providing loyalty or cashback options for your customers will assist as an incentive for initial customer acquisition and encourage greater cardholder usage. Through the GPS Apex platform, we can integrate loyalty and/or cashback options into programmes to offer powerful customer engagement tools with minimum development effort.

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