Ultimate flexibility puts you in control

Once a Programme Manager has chosen the options to create their programme, they can define its profile in the Configuration phase.

The GPS ApexTM platform enables a programme to be tailored with a wide range of variable attribute groups to be configured. This flexibility can then be harnessed once the programme is live by giving control to the Programme Manager to change attribute groups, including those below, using APIs.

Setting Name Configures your programme to specify: Examples
Velocity Limits

The frequency and amount that can be loaded or spent within a given timeframe.

  • Daily load amount
  • Direct Debit spend
Card Usage

The scenarios in which cards will be accepted can be configured using 30 card usage attributes.

  • Acceptance at overseas ATM
  • Recurring Payments 
Calendar Group

The days or times of day that a payment can be made using the card.

  • Staff benefits such as Luncheon Voucher equivalents where use is limited to set times of day
Card Acceptor White or Black List

Specific merchants at which the cards can be exclusively used or declined.

  • A physical location with multiple retailers i.e. a street
  • A single retailer at multiple locations
Merchant Category Code

Types of merchants where the card will be either accepted or declined.

  • Block transactions for sensitive users such as Parent/Child (Under-18) cards
  • Target a particular group that adheres to culture-specific financial regulations
Card Linkage Group

Determine how the relationship between two cards operate.

  • Share or separate balances between primary/secondary cards
  • Maximum spend for second card
Fee Groups

Authorisation Fee - for transactions via POS, ATM or ecommerce.

  • Rate of fixed fees for domestic or international transactions
  • Caps and minimum fees
  • First x transactions override
Webservice Fee For event-based activity.
  • Loads
  • Balance transfers
  • Replacement cards
Recurring Fee

With triggers including frequency, day of the month or other definition.

FX Group

If a Programme Manager wants to specify the FX rate used for transactions


Comprehensive programme portal

Many Programme Managers build two interfaces – a website or mobile app for cardholder login and a customer service administration portal to provide a simple interfaces for the common administration tasks.

With GPS Apex, Programme Managers can configure and update their programme settings held on our platform through Web API. Whilst a comprehensive suite of 90+ APIs enable direct control of your programme settings, many Programme Mangers find they will only update the following items most frequently including creating card load; card change groups, updating cardholder details; change status and balance transfers.

Directly control your programme

The GPS Apex platform puts more control at the fingers of the Programme Manager - and because we understand the unique requirements of the Programme Manager we understand what is needed.  

Once your programme has launched and cardholder behaviour can be monitored, you can update your programme configuration settings to encourage card use and drive revenue.

For example, you may initially offer a card with Simplifed Due Diligence (SDD) limits but, after passing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, you could: 

    • Update Card Usage to enable use at an ATM or outside the issuing country
    • Add, remove or change Monthly Fees by simply changing the assigned group
    • Change the Authorisation Group to one offering reduced authorisation fees
    • Offer a secondary card as part of the same product through Card Linkage settings

Implementing your programme

With experience in the deployment of many of the most innovative payment programmes in recent years, often involving engagement with strategic partners, our London-based Implementation Engineers offer expertise that extends far beyond the GPS platform.

Our Implementation Engineers each have more than five years industry experience and provide support on a wide range of aspects of the implementation from programme configuration options to API integration and VPN setup.

The team's expertise, training, attention to detail and rigorous QA configuration accuracy ensure the programme is right first time.

Our Implementation Engineers follow a bespoke implementation framework which is then tailored for each programme but allows all the required steps and dependencies to be quickly identified. Learn more about our world-class team of talented individuals.

Testing your programme

Our Integration Test Environment is a mirror of live, which enables you to test your API integration ahead of the BIN live date. We can inject simulate authorisations to facilitate testing of external authorisation and we can provide rapid access to a generic configuration to enable the start of API testing within a few days of choosing GPS as your processor.

Create and Control your programme...