Control, grow and protect

Once your programme has gone live, you can control, grow and protect it using the following tools and options.

Manage your portfolio through SmartClient

You can monitor detailed activity at programme, cardholder and transaction level through SmartClient. Set permission levels to enable access to view every data element from every transaction within your card portfolio.

  • Review detailed transaction history and help resolve cardholder queries
  • Remove a hanging authorisation
  • Change the status of a card
  • Initiate a chargeback

To help you become familiar with this invaluable tool and provide the most extensive insights to your programme performance, we offer SmartClient access in both the Test and Live environments, and provide training on how to use it. 

External Host Interface (EHI)

While the core GPS Apex platform can manage all authorisation decision making, some Programme Managers may have more advanced requirements.

The GPS External Host Interface is a ground-breaking technology that gives Issuing Banks and Programme Managers direct access to real-time transaction data that enables innovation that can truly differentiate their programme and user experience.

There are three configuration options for EHI that defines how the control shifts from GPS to the Programme Manager:

  1. The client holds the balance and performs all forms of load, balance adjustment and card linkage, particularly popular for multi currency products.
  2. GPS holds the balance and performs all forms of authorisation on the card. However, the client can overrule GPS authorisation approval and decline a transaction.
  3. Real time data feed for transaction data, for information only, which enables programme manager to maintain up-to-date statement on mobile app or push notifications of transactions.

EHI also enables Programme Managers to:

  • Participate in the decision-making process through real-time access to authorisation requests. This can be useful for a number of reasons such as when a transaction is reliant on funding based on a source that fluctuates in price such as gold.
  • Hold the balance and have ultimate flexibility in how stored value is recognised, such as as transferring value from crypto currency.
  • Integrate bespoke decision logic such as enabling cardholders to tailor usage limits, additional features and controls.
  • Perform all forms of load, balance adjustment and card linkage activities. This option is popular with Programme Managers using an eMoney solution for the simplification of the management of complex mutli-currency solutions.
  • Access spend MI to improve cash flow management.

For banks, EHI can also act as a switch to the Schemes without disclosing balance data.

GPS Protect

GPS Protect is our award-winning fraud engine that offers Programme Managers bank calibre protection. Every transaction is evaluated and feedback is shown in a clear and intuitive traffic light display.

We will work with the Programme Manager and Issuer to define a set of rules that enable GPS Protect to identify and flag patterns of suspicious activity and a corresponding alert along with actions including block card, giving you peace of mind / allowing you to sleep at night. These rules can be fine-tuned later as the programme and cardholder behaviour evolves.

3D Secure and alternative online protection

The use of 3D Secure at checkout reduces the risk of fraud. For Card Issuers, supporting 3D Secure shifts the liability from the Issuer to the merchant in the event of fraud. GPS supports 3D Secure for all programmes across Mastercard and Visa.

There are alternative ways to validate that the legitimate cardholder is performing an online transaction albeit without the liability shift provided by Scheme approved methods. One alternative is Dynamic CVV, which enables the Programme Manager to define and share a CVV with the cardholder. This CVV is provided at the point of transaction and authorised by GPS or the Programme Manager.

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