GPS ApexTM Issuer processing

GPS offers a single comprehensive issuer processing platform which is globally accredited for both MasterCard and Visa and is Level 1 PCI DSS 3.2 compliant for processing prepaid, credit and debit payments.

By using an open architecture and Cloud technology, the core GPS ApexTM platform seamlessly integrates with other GPS modules and third-party systems. This gives you real-time access to a range of solutions and interfaces and enables the rapid deployment of new technology and updates.

Our comprehensive, well-documented API suite offers Programme Managers greater control and flexibility over the functionality and presentation of their programme. From simple, physical prepaid cards to advanced wearable options, GPS ApexTM enables you to create a distinctive programme that can be tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of a new generation of consumers.

Multi-currency processing

Programme Managers are looking to provide ways of controlling the cost to the cardholder of spending in other currencies. 

GPS leads the market in sophisticated Multi FX (MFX) solutions that offer exchange rate control to the Programme Manager, transparency to the cardholder and increased value to both.

MFX gives Programme Managers the ability to support multiple currencies for a travel type card or wallet, and then allows the customer to spend money outside of your domestic currency in a number of pre-defined currencies at a preferential rate of exchange.

There are three options for MFX:

  1. Loads are made onto the account in the base currency to increase the balance of the base currency card / wallet.
  2. Loads are made directly to the any of the associated currency cards.
  3. The Programme Manager uses the GPS External Host Interface (EHI) in Mode 1, which is compatible with MFX, to manage the currencies, the authorisation and the balance adjustments.

Banking solutions

Combining a scheme based card with a capability to send or receive banking transactions is an increasingly common requirement. Our solutions and approach can flex depending on how much the Financial Institution or Programme Manager wants to invest in their own licensing and integrations. In the race to provide innovative solutions to improve services in the traditional retail banking space, GPS is uniquely positioned in being able to support multiple options to deliver the solution that’s right for your organisation.

At one end of the spectrum are fully licensed banks. In this case GPS is able offer an External Host Interface (EHI) that connects to Scheme and responds to the Visa/Mastercard transactions without holding the card balance. The solution is able to enhance the bank’s own high availability service offering by creating ‘stand in processing’ in the event that they have technical difficulties responding.

For Programme Managers looking to offer Agency Banking services such as Faster Payments In and Out, BACS and Direct Debits, with simplified compliance for an ever changing regulatory environment, the GPS Agency Banking solution provides a highly sophisticated and configurable set of modules. GPS Agency Banking is able to add a Sort Code and Account Number to an account on any card programme, with cardholder level and transaction level controls to protect the Programme Manager and Issuing Bank. GPS has developed a direct integration with leading issuers and banking providers and to provide our fully hosted payments gateway to the banking world.

In other cases such as virtual accounts or ewallets, there is often a requirement for a lighter touch, for example, to be able to receive payments in or out, or hold the account level balance, whilst the integration with the banking world is managed elsewhere. Much depends on the capabilities and requirements of the Programme Manager and, if separate, the Issuing Bank.

GPS has a wealth of experience, serving hundreds of thousands of users with our agile technology platform that delivers a wide range of transactional banking solutions for the UK and SEPA region.

Virtual card and wallet

Virtual cards and wallets have been available for some time but it’s the features and control of the GPS solution that makes ours a catalyst for innovation.

A virtual card or wallet is a token with no physical card and used for online transactions only. It can be single or multi use, set up in any currency and issued instantly, typically within just 200ms. It can be linked to a physical card, if required, and can have any of the same functionality as physical cards.

Here are just a few examples of how GPS virtual cards and wallets can be used:

Need GPS Solution

A highly secure, low-cost and efficient solution for payment of invoices

A single-use virtual cards that are loaded, spent and destroyed in seconds in the currency required for the transaction. Exchange rate is guaranteed with full audit trail and no room for fraud.

To deliver the 'account created in minutes' customer experience

A virtual card for instant use while the physical card is being dispatched. When physical card arrives, the Programme Manager can choose whether the virtual card is deactivated or runs alongside the plastic.

Enable co-brand or store to load cards within constraints e.g. when funds have been received.

A 'Master Virtual Card' account that is loaded so the co-brand or store has a hard limit on cardholder loads.

Enable parents to make micro pocket money payments to children without being charged for loads

A wallet for parents to load funds without being 'e-money'.

Permit bank transactions even when card is lost or stolen

An 'Individual Master Virtual Card' to hold account balance with card able pull funds from account in real-time.

Secure mobile payments

Global Processing Services (GPS) offer a variety of industry-leading solutions that use the latest technology to enable mobile payment globally across multiple territories.  

The GPS ApexTM platform offers Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) which allows a  standardised tokenisation solution for mobile payments. MDES enables Programme Managers to offer Apple PayAndroid Pay and Samsung Pay to cardholders so they can make secure mobile payments over the counter and in app via their handset. 

MDES helps transform any connected device into a commerce device to make and receive payments. MDES helps power the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch to enable secure payments to take place for contactless and in-app payments.

All transactions made through MDES are ready to use industry-standard EMV-level security, and are protected using standards-based payment tokens. Tokens are card numbers that mobile devices use in place of the card number printed on the plastic. MDES validates the transaction, maps from the token back to the PAN and forwards it to the issuer for authorisation.

MDES also supports mobile payments based on HCE (Host Card Emulation) where the secure element is managed on the Cloud rather than being embedded in the handset. As HCE doesn’t require integration with a mobile network operator, it is a faster and lower cost route to market for programmes offering mobile payments using NFC technology.

MDES supports contactless payments and Digital Secure Remote Payments (DSRP). DSRP is a transaction method where a consumer is able to make in-app purchases using a token. Contactless payments leverage NFC technology for point-of-sale transactions, while DSRP delivers EMV-like transaction for in-app payments.

As mobile payments continue to grow with the convergence of physical and digital commence, GPS will remain at the forefront to continually advance the products and services that will allow our clients to innovate in this growth space.

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