• Platform

    The GPS ApexTM platform has been built to meet the needs of today’s Programme Managers.

  • People

    The power and flexibility of our core processing platform is harnessed by our world-class team of payments engineers to optimise each individual programme.

  • Partners

    Find out why GPS is the processor most recommended by Issuing Banks.

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  • Create

    Choose from virtual cards and wallets, multicurrency, banking solutions, and more.

  • Configure

    Establish a broad range of parameters to define use including card usage, fees and more to enable ultimate flexibility once your programme is live.

  • Control 

    Monitor and modify programme performance and settings including authorisation controls, advanced fraud detection and customer communication.

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  • The PayTech of Things (PToT)

    Not only do we deliver reliable, secure payment processing, we power many of the most amazing payment innovations across a wide range of form factors including virtual and physical cards, mobile and digital token solutions (MDES) and wearables such as watches, rings and wristbands.


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We are proud to announce Suresh Vaghjiani, Managing Director, is one of the few selected to win this prestigious award.

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