• Platform

    The GPS ApexTM platform has been built to meet the needs of today’s Programme Managers.

  • People

    The power and flexibility of our core processing platform is harnessed by our world-class team of payments engineers to optimise each individual programme.

  • Partners

    Find out why GPS is the processor most recommended by Issuing Banks.

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  • Create

    Choose from virtual cards and wallets, multicurrency, banking solutions, and more.

  • Configure

    Establish a broad range of parameters to define use including card usage, fees and more to enable ultimate flexibility once your programme is live.

  • Control 

    Monitor and modify programme performance and settings including authorisation controls, advanced fraud detection and customer communication.

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  • The PayTech of Things (PToT)

    Not only do we deliver reliable, secure payment processing, we power many of the most amazing payment innovations across a wide range of form factors including virtual and physical cards, mobile and digital token solutions (MDES) and wearables such as watches, rings and wristbands.


Latest NewsGPS shortlisted in six Payments Awards categories

GPS are proud to be nominated with their partners in five different Payments Awards in 2017, as well as Best Technology Provide of the Year. Congratulations to all the partners we jointly entered

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